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Salem Transitional Care
3445 Boone Rd. SE
Salem, OR 97317


senior woman at the game tableSenior Center Activities to Bring About Vitality

Salem Transitional Care nurtures and encourages patients to be active and involved, and our Activity Program offers something for everyone. Activity breathes vitality and vitality breathes happiness. So our goal is to offer activities for patients that promote life through creative stimulation and opportunities for social involvement. Our Activity Director turns requests into a reality and schedules a wide-range of outings and events.

For example, at Salem Transitional Care, we offer things like:

  • The ability to express creativity through painting, needlework, collage, sculpture, or many other handicrafts.
  • Opportunities to follow your spiritual desires through a wide range of special religious programs, meditation and prayer. (Note: we believe one’s religious beliefs are a personal matter and all beliefs are respected by our staff.)
  • Ways to stay challenged through things like trivia, word puzzles and bingo.
  • The opportunity to indulge in fine entertainment from the broader community or sit back and watching a matinee movie with freshly popped popcorn.
  • Avenues to share your skills with others (e.g. teaching youngsters to knit or crochet)

Every now and then, a spot to be alone is important, but at other times we gain enjoyment from being with others to laugh, tell stories or work together on an art project, and these social activities for seniors allow our residents to correspond with their families, make new friends, and celebrate each day anew!